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Kaftans: Unique, Versatile Swimwear

Neal Foster

Posted on October 28 2020

Kaftans: Unique, Versatile Swimwear

If you are looking for a late-summer holiday style that will make you feel comfortable at the beach and beyond, whilst looking good in all situations, a kaftan is the go-to option for your outfit. These colourful, free-flowing gowns are as flattering when you walk down the beach in the morning as they are after hours of exploring your dream destination.

Of course, matching them with a stylish bikini is crucial to complete the look. Find out how to style a kaftan for a classy beach style that is comfortable, and beautiful, when relaxing at the seaside and beyond.

What Is a Kaftan?

Kaftans are loosely-fitting, tunic-like dresses that have been popular clothing items throughout history. While they have endured significant changes over time, their current look and style is the most recognizable and ubiquitous. You can wear them as a swimwear cover-up when strolling along the beach, but they are also suitable for a casual night in town - if styled well!

While many of the traits kaftan had in the past faded away, they still maintain the traditional, free-flowing style that makes them so comfortable and beautiful - for all body types and situations!

Kaftan: History and Curiosities

A quality kaftan, a loosely-fitting tunic-like dress, is a piece of clothing styled and worn for centuries across several cultures across the world. Originating from Asia, this classy robe has been used in Russia, the Middle East, and even in Mesopotamia. Depending on the occasion it was worn in, a kaftan could have been made of silk, cotton, or even wool.

During the Ottoman Empire, the style and decoration of these garments became more elaborated and refined. Ambassadors started wearing them to greet important guests and they quickly became a symbol of royalty and luxury.

While the use and styling of kaftans varied across cultures, the rich history of these garments, as well as their unparalleled look, have made sure they carried on through history. Today, the kaftan is  just as stylish as ever and they have become a modern, beautiful, and extremely comfortable outfit.

How to Style a Kaftan

Properly styling a kaftan can make all the difference. Indeed, you can casually wear it on top of your just-bought UK swimwear - perfect for a walk at the beach or an afternoon spent sunbathing. However, high-quality UK kaftans are just suitable for your evening plans, just a quick change of shoes and the right accessories can entirely transform your outfit!

If you are looking for the perfect bikini to match your new kaftan, a monochrome bikini will enhance the dynamicity of the dress. Some of the best pieces to match your kaftan are the Underwire Crossover Bikini Top - Navy and the High Waist Brief - Navy.

Alternatively, if you are looking for that wow-factor, a floral bikini can give you the chance to create the perfect summer look! For this, make sure you already have the High Waist Brief - Floral and the Underwired Frill Bikini Top - Floral in your wardrobe!

Whatever the swimwear you have picked is, a kaftan can truly enhance the overall look of it - just don’t forget the accessories that count!

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