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Classic Twist: Re-introducing Swim Skirts

Neal Foster

Posted on October 02 2020

Classic Twist: Re-introducing Swim Skirts

Swimwear has seen a boom in recent years, with a variety of unique styles breaking conventions and establishing new trends. One retro style that has broken through the constricting nature of yesteryears swimwear is the Swim skirt. Read on to find out more about this revived piece of swimwear.


What are Swim Skirts?

 A Swim skirt is exactly what it says on the tin, Short, skirt-like bikini bottoms. Also known as bikini skirts, they are designed to be short but provide a much more modest fit than your typical swimwear. The classic swim skirt was very popular in the 50s and has remained somewhat prevalent amongst mothers and those with a preference for modesty. Modern swim skirts like the ones in our range have a slimming, streamlined appeal that has made a major comeback in recent years, even featuring in major fashion magazines. Our swim skirts come in a variety of styles, lengths and sizes designed to make anyone feel comfortable.


Benefits of Swim Skirts

As aforementioned; women’s swim skirts are typically worn by those looking for modesty. Swim skirt designs provide a lightweight and relaxed fit with a fun and unique style. Swim skirts can help you to feel more comfortable on the beach (especially when paired with swim leggings) - without being bulky or constricting. A swim skirt can also provide a fresh look to bring that wow factor to your beach look. A retro twist brings a unique style to a bikini set, and helps to achieve the perfect balance between modest and model.

For the best swimming skirts and tops in the UK, here are a few of our excellent Beachcomber range we’d recommend for bringing a classic look to your beach wardrobe.


Swim Skirt – Stripe

For the quintessential retro swim skirt look, this stylish piece in a classic nautical stripe is just what you need. The elasticated waist and inner swim brief provide a comfortable fit that remains sleek and lightweight. This striped bikini skirt matches perfectly with our frill bikini top for a 50s style which will always stay fresh.


Swim Skirt- Geometric

If the 50s is a tad too retro for you, capture the Miami vibes with this funky swim skirt which captures the essence of nostalgic 80s design. The striking contrast of the black and multi-coloured geometric print looks stunning without being immodest. This bikini bottom matches perfectly with our Underwired Frill Bikini Top, but we can always recommend our Knot Front Bikini Top in black to make your beach look pop.


Swim Skirt – Tropical

When in doubt, you can always trust a tropical look. This gorgeous women’s swim skirt radiates with feel-good energy thanks to its retro shaping and vibrant design. The skirt comes with an innovative elasticated waist, inner swim brief and front lining (you can expect these features in all of our swim skirts). This makes for a perfect match with our Frill or Underwired Tropical Bikini Tops.

If your interest has been piqued by swim skirts, we stock a variety of UK bikini skirts at competitive prices to give you the retro look. Not sold? We also stock a variety of bikini sets and mix & match items in a range of exciting styles. Check out our range at Beachcomber Swimwear today.

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