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Swim Skirts & Dresses

Swim skirts and dresses from Beachcomber Swimwear. Whether you want a swim skirt which is fancy and floral, sassy and striped or which features glamorous geometric patterns; we have the swimwear for you!

Swim skirts and swimdresses add a touch of feminine charm to your beach attire. Most of our swim skirts are blue as the surf of a perfect Summer beach. From blue floral patterns, to cobalt and teal swim skirts; you're sure to find a beach skirt which catches your eye

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Benefits of the Swim Skirt

One-piece swimsuits, bikinis and swim shorts are perhaps worn more often than the swim skirt. This being said; the swim skirt has some advantages over other types of swimwear

  • A swim-skirt is a little more modest than bikini bottoms, whilst still being highly feminine
  • If modesty is your thing, a swim skirt can easily be paired with swim leggings for additional coverage
  • A swim-skirt is undoubtedly easier to put on (and remove) than a one-piece swimsuit
  • Swim-skirts have a slimming, vertical streamlined appeal
  • Simple to pair and match. Most swim skirts are produced using the same fabrics, which swimsuits and other swimwear items are crafted from. As such, one swim skirt is easy to match with many swim tops


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