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Why you Need Beach Shorts

Katie Ferris

Posted on November 25 2020

Why you Need Beach Shorts

Sometimes, hot sun and busy beaches can cut a fun day short, no pun intended. To help make the best days last just that much longer, you need a pair of gorgeous beach shorts from us right here at Beach schcomber Swimwear. Read on to learn about the benefits and styles of our beach shorts!

What are Beach Shorts

Beach shorts are comfortable, loose-fitting shorts designed to be worn other swimwear. All beach shorts that are a part of our range are 100% viscose for maximum comfort. Many beach shorts also make for comfortable sleep and loungewear for later on in the evening.

Benefits of Beach Shorts

Beach shorts are perfect for covering up at the beach. This is perfect for walks to and across the sand, giving you additional warmth comfort and modesty.

Beach shorts can also help keep you protected from the sun, reducing your risk of sunburn. A pair of beach shorts allows you to stay on the shore that much longer, allowing you to spend more time making memories in the sun.

Best Beach Shorts for you

Here at Beachcomber, we only stock the highest quality swimwear available here in the UK. Here are just a few of our favourite pairs for your holidays!

Women's Beach Shorts – Aztec

This gorgeous pair will go perfect with any set, thanks to their geometric pattern. Black and white goes perfectly with a flat coloured set in any colour, but a similar black and white combo could really pop under blue skies.

Women's Beach Shorts - White Ditsy

Perfect for the night, these beautiful white shorts are simple with an elegant twist. The pompon twist will go perfect with any fancier set and is equally as powerful with a dressing gown. For fanciful comfort that’s as easy to wear as it is to slip on, look no further.

Women's Beach Shorts - Pale Pink

Pastel colours are always in fashion, making these the perfect shorts for any season. Pale pink goes perfectly with a mono pink look, or perhaps orange or purple. No matter how you choose to wear them, you can rest assured knowing this is an extremely comfortable pair.

Women's Beach Shorts – Paisley

The retro look is highly sought after, and the combination of crazy colours in this piece is perfect for any look. Stripes or dots will capture the essence of retro style, but anything will go with this stunning pair.

As you can see our range of UK beach shorts are a perfect choice no matter what style you choose. For perfect swimwear to match your beach shorts, including bikini sets, swim skirts, kaftans and more - shop our range today.

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