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Just my Stripe: Stripe Beachwear Style Guide

Neal Foster

Posted on March 17 2021

Just my Stripe: Stripe Beachwear Style Guide

Stripes VS Dots is always a fiery discussion for the fashion-obsessed. Both seemingly serve the same purpose, providing a fun retro-chic look. Many would argue it simply up to personal preference. However, our team of experts here at Beachcomber are here to backup team stripes with some key benefits to a lined design you might not expect. Learn more about the benefits of our striped beachwear, including bikini sets and accessories, here at Beachcomber Swimwear below.

Stripes Mold your Figure

This fact is fairly well-known in the fashion world, but it bears repeating as it is a big advantage to striped swimwear that can offer some fabulous results when pulled off effectively. The general rule for stripes is as follows:

Vertical stripes stretch the body out, making you seem taller and somewhat slimming your figure. Horizontal stripes accentuate curves and give them more volume. Diagonal stripes, therefore, provide the best of both worlds, highlighting and flattening curves.

Thin stripes look great on the petite, whereas thicker stripes can really make the curvy glow when used in moderation.

Stripes Draw Attention

Stripes immediately takeover an outfit and serve as a powerful attention-grabber. One of the greatest combos is a flat black and navy & white stripe combo set. This delightfully retro look ensures immediately that attention is placed on your best curves and that your outfit meshes perfectly together. Combine this with the stripes ability to highlight and/or flatten curves and you have a truly powerful swimwear combo.

Stripes create Unique Designs

Geometric patterns are some of the most visually appealing and utterly striking, regardless of where they are used. This is just as true in our range of UK Striped beachwear and accessories for sale at Beachcomber swimwear. From Twist Front to Bandeau, Black & White stripes are mesmerising in the pool and on the beachfront.

Stripes are Timeless

As we discussed in our recent retro look article, it’s been made abundantly clear over the past few decades that stripes aren’t going away anytime soon. Stripes have been an iconic part of any beachwear collection since the 1960s. their staying power means any of our gorgeous striped bikini8 sets or swimsuits available for sale can find themselves a permanent home in your suitcase, never looking out of place. From the saunas of Switzerland to swimming in Spain, striped beachwear will never let you down!

Our team at Beachcomber Swimwear hopes we’ve highlighted for you today some of the key, less-known, benefits of UK Striped beachwear. Browse our gorgeous collection of striped beachwear, including tankinis, swimsuits, bikinis and more right here. Alternatively, why not read more of our expert style guides here on our site or peruse the rest of our easy-to-use site to find the perfect beachwear look for your next staycation or trip abroad?

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