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Shorts Vs Kaftans: Which is Better for Your Beachwear Needs?

Neal Foster

Posted on February 17 2021

Shorts Vs Kaftans: Which is Better for Your Beachwear Needs?

If you are looking for the most authentic and fascinating beachwear on the market, Beachcomber Swimwear has you covered. We offer various beachwear products, from bikini sets to swimsuits. Our range of beach shorts and kaftans for sale are designed to help you cover up on the beach, both with differing ideal use cases. If you’re struggling to decide between keeping one of our gorgeous kaftans or an ultra-comfortable pair of beach shorts in your suitcase for your next vacation, read on to learn more about which choice might be right for you.

Benefits of Beachcomber Shorts

The benefits of wearing beachcomber shorts are as follows:

  • Quite airy and comfortable

Shorts by Beachcomber are the perfect item if you're looking for a peaceful day on the sand .our shorts place emphasis on comfort and breathability. These stylish and versatile shorts are made of cool and lightweight fabric for a free and airy feel, and feature an elasticated waist for a comfortable but secure fit. These shorts are so comfortable in fact, we can easily recommend them as sleepwear!

  • Allow you to have fun on the Beach

With an elasticated fit, our beach shorts hug close but comfortably. Their loose design offers great mobility and flexibility. The fabric material also provides protection against the sun. these factors combined allow you to have more fun on the beach, for longer!

Benefits of Beachcomber Kaftans

Kaftans have various benefits that make them worthy of a place in your suitcase:

  • We offer versatility in designs.

If you choose Beachcomber's collection of Kaftans, you may never run out of beautiful, unique, and exquisite designs. Thanks to their versatility in wear and low-cost, our selection of kaftans can easily cover a wide array of styles to suit your needs.

  • Modest and easy-to-wear

Kaftans are loose and quickly put on. These factors make them a perfect choice for an evening outfit after a long day on the beach. Our line of kaftans have a comfortable V-neck design and feature gorgeous detailing that gives them the perfect balance of style and practicality often not seen in the suitcase.


As you can clearly see, our range of beach shorts and kaftans here at Beachcomber Swimwear each have their own unique advantages in certain areas that will earn them a precious spot in your suitcase. Whichever you choose, Beachcomber Swimwear offers a variety of gorgeous designs at fair and ethical prices that we’re sure you’ll love. Browse our range of Beach shorts and Kaftans today, or read more about the kaftan specifically in a prior article if you’re still just not sure what to choose! Beachcomber hopes this guide helps you decide on the perfect beachwear for your next vacation, see you next time!

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