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Smooth Sailing: Top Swimwear for Beginners

Neal Foster

Posted on April 15 2021

Smooth Sailing: Top Swimwear for Beginners

Many of us have found our adventurous side growing hungrier and hungrier this lockdown. This has led many beginner swimmers to feel ready to brave new waters and head out when restrictions ease! Feeling comfortable as an adult learner, or even someone dipping their toes in after a long hiatus can be a challenge in itself. Luckily for you, our range here at Beachcomber Swimwear includes mix and match bikini pieces and gorgeous swimsuits for sale that are perfect for helping build your confidence! Interested? Learn more about our top picks available for sale at Beachcomber Swimwear!

Mesh Halter Neck Swimsuit

This is our go-to suggestion for those looking to cover up to gain their confidence. This swimsuit features a high neckline mesh and gorgeous figure-shaping features such as mesh side panels to provide an enigmatic, striking and tasteful look that keeps beach confidence high and the body well-supported. This swimsuit features comprehensive and effortless inner bust support, including full front lining and removable soft cups for maximum comfort in the sun. if you’re looking for a swimsuit that looks as good as you should feel when you first dip your toes in that bright blue sea, look no further!

 Swim Skirt – Black

As we discussed extensively in our Swim Skirt Guide a few weeks back, the Swimskirt is a classic piece of retro swimwear that continues to serve as a unique and graceful beachwear look that’s truly timeless. The Swim Skirt is perfect for those beginners who are looking for that extra bit of cover without remaining absolutely captivating as well as confident. This beautiful black piece goes gorgeously with a top piece of any colour, from gorgeous greens to striking striped patterns! If you’re looking for that perfect beachwear that truly exemplifies the kind of confidence you want to muster when you’re standing on the shore – a swim skirt is a perfect choice.

Frill Trim Tankini – Stripe

When you head out to the beach for the first time, be it this year or the first time ever, no one wants to feel burdened. Being out in the sea, lounging by the pool. It’s all about freedom! Many can feel constrained by the swimsuit style. For those looking for a Bikini with a little extra support and slimming to help keep that confidence in full stride – a tankini top makes for the perfect mix of swimsuit and bikini. The stripes on this piece (as we discussed in a prior guide) naturally accentuate your curves in all the right places. Combine this with a feminine soft frill neckline and removable soft cups and you have a truly alluring piece.

Beachcomber Swimwear hopes this guide has shown you the perfect pieces of beachwear available for sale and delivery right here in the UK on our site for beginners of all shapes and sizes.  Browse our range today or read more of our comprehensive style guides to find the perfect swimwear for your needs!

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