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Why swim skirts are in this summer

Katie Ferris

Posted on June 09 2020

Why swim skirts are in this summer

Swimwear trends change quite slowly But change they do. One of this year’s biggest trends has to be the swim skirt.


Swim skirts have been around for a long time, in fact, if you look back to eras such as the 1950s they were the thing to wear. But, over the years, swim skirts have fallen out of style somewhat.


That is until now. The swim skirt is back in style. But why are swim skirts back in this summer?


We’ll discuss why this retro-styled choice in the thing to be seen at the beach this year.


Why Swim Skirts Are On Trend This Summer


With retro elegance, the swim dress and swim skirt are style choices that can be worn by all. If coverage of your bottom half is essential to you, then you might want to reach for a swim skirt.


Swim skirts are a versatile and classy piece of swimwear. Whether you’re lounging poolside, catching rays of sun on the beach, or taking a dip in the sea or pool, then you can comfortably wear your swim skirt.


Swim skirts provide subtle modesty while still maintaining a great look. They’re made from a mix of materials that make them ideal for swimming, or for sunbathing. However, you enjoy your time while wearing your swimsuit, your swim skirt or swim dress will suit the occasion.


Picking The Right Swim Skirt For Your Look


This striped swim skirt is the perfect look for wearing at the beach this summer. The timeless classic look of the navy and white stripes is made from a mixture of 82% Polyamide 18% Elastane making it comfortable and great in the water.


The classic nautical style will give you that perfect retro-chic look, giving you the cover that you want, when you need it.


Of course, if you want something that is a little plainer in style, then the black swim skirt will go with anything. Whatever colour your bikini is, you can wear a black swim skirt and you will look great.


The swim skirt features an elasticated waist and inner swim brief with front lining ensure modesty, comfort and style. It is made from 82% Polyamide 18% Elastane which provides plenty of movement whether you’re running around the beach with your children or enjoying a swim in the sea.



With our mix and match products, you can combine swim skirts like this beautiful floral swim skirt. That means that you can match your skirt with a bikini top to suit.


Again, the skirt has an elasticated waist along with an inner swim brief. This has a front lining that provides modesty.


The stylish print will look great on you, and makes an ideal choice for enjoying a drink at the pool bar.


Get Ready For Summer With Your Swim Skirt


With summer upon us, it’s time for you to get your essential swimwear accessory for this season. With a range of colours and styles, Beachcomber Swimwear have you covered.




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