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Top Bikinis Trends 2021: Looks for Travelling Again!

Neal Foster

Posted on August 03 2021

Top Bikinis Trends 2021: Looks for Travelling Again!

As the world opens once more, you might be opening up your suitcase and wondering: "What Am I supposed to put in here!?" Fashion changes quickly, but with a worldwide pandemic keeping us all indoors, we'll forgive you for not keeping up with the latest in beachwear.

Beachcomber Swimwear is home to some stylish summer swimwear for sale in a variety of sizes, perfect for sprucing up your suitcase selection post-pandemic! Learn more about our top picks for your next long-awaited holiday below.

Underwire Bikini Tops

Retro chic never goes out of style, but the underwire bikini top makes a big comeback in 2021, thanks to its convenient and comfortable design! Underwire and padding support and enhance your bust. Underwire style provides an iconic and unique look that dates back to the '50s. In addition, underwire bras are great for active days on the beach, providing comfortable support that helps you focus on the good times!

Our 'Underwired Tie Detail Bikini Top - Tropical' is an excellent choice for your 2021 holiday suitcase. The underwire and tropical pattern combo has quickly become a mainstay on the beaches of the hottest holiday locations.

Sunset Colour Swimwear

As the sun rises after a crazy year and a half, sunset colours are in! Those gorgeous monotone orange and yellows are back in, alongside dark and mysterious purples. Sunset colours are deep and intriguing and can range from cold and sleek to warm and inviting depending on where you go on the scale. Here's an example!

Sunset Colours

Sunset is a diverse look that can be mixed and matched to your heart's content. We'd recommend sticking to a monotone look. Still, a duotone combination of two close together colours can draw the eye to an area of your choosing.

For a monotone sunset look, we thoroughly recommend our 'Lace Up Front Swimsuit - Burnt Orange'. This swimsuit is a gorgeously sleek lace-up swimsuit with a plunging neckline. The monotone orange is incredibly flattering. In addition, the gold detail on the lace turns this swimsuit into a stunning piece.

High Leg Bikini Briefs

2021 is the year of the scoop!

High leg bikinis and swimsuit bottoms are dominating this year. Getting those hips and thighs out is the 2021 look. High Leg can range from cuts that are waist-high, all the way down to a small scoop. The choice is yours! Comfort is the priority. It's time we all enjoyed the sun after a whole year indoors.

From our high leg range, we recommend our 'High Leg Brief - Burnt Orange'. These bikini briefs bunch at the sides for a cute and sleek look that flatters. Combine this with our underwire bikini top in a burnt orange for the ultimate 2021 look!


Beachcomber swimwear is home to various swimsuits and bikini styles for sale, not just the best bikini trends of 2021! Browse our fantastic range of swimwear for sale here, or read more of our blogs for more bikini style inspiration.

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