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Top American Beachwear Styles

Neal Foster

Posted on October 01 2021

Top American Beachwear Styles

When it comes to Bikinis, America sets the trends that dominate holiday locations around the globe. Those fancy Floridians and lovely Los-Angelenos know how to make beachwear truly pop, and we're not one to argue. Today, Beachcomber Swimwear is bringing you the latest beachwear styles and trends from the gorgeous beaches of America. We'll combine this alongside our top picks from our range of bikinis for sale to complete the look!

Ruffles and Frills

Ruffles are the latest upcoming trend of 2021. The extra details a few flattering frills at the front provide can genuinely make a beachwear set pop! Frills are fun and exciting whilst remaining modest and unobtrusive. We'd recommend our beautiful Frill Bikini top with a stripe pattern, paired with our Black high waist trim briefs for a classic American look. This combination of ruffles, frills, and ruching creates a gorgeously textured design that provides a contemporary twist to the classic pin-up look.


Pastels have been a lasting trend over the last few years, only getting more popular on the west coast in 2021! Vibrant tones are out; subdued tones of yellow, blue and pink are in. Pastel colours are easy to mix and match and are truly gorgeous in a monotone look, giving off a light and carefree vibe.

For that perfect pastel look, we'd recommend our Side Gather Swimsuit in Teal, featuring a full lining and bus support that makes this both a gorgeous and comfortable piece.


Underwire is the bikini style that's taking America, and the rest of the world, by storm this season! Underwire harkens back to that classic 30-50s era look in a way that's delightfully kitsch. Underwire bikinis provide a distinct and attention-grabbing look that offers ample support for long days on the beach.

For the perfect Underwire look, straight from the pages of the US fashion magazines, we'd recommend our beautiful Underwire Frill Bikini Top in Teal. This piece combines all three of the latest American beachwear trends for a genuinely unforgettable top! The underwire design is incredibly supportive and comfortable for long periods. The pastel teal provides a pleasing and contemporary look, whilst the frills and tie details add some gorgeous texture and detail that makes this piece pop! Combine this top with a white or teal pair of bikini briefs, available now at Beachcomber Swimwear.


We hope this guide has shown you the ever-evolving trends in American beachwear. For various classic and contemporary looks, check out our range of swimsuits and bikinis for sale at beachcomber swimwear today. Still not sure what will work best for you? You'll find plenty more top-quality fashion guides on our site, which cover every aspect of the beachwear scene. Check them out today!

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